Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunshine and Fresh Air

Spring has finally sprung! After a long, snowy winter, the orientation of the Earth's axis has tilted in our favour. Walking through Jeanne Mance park, Montreal feels alive again: kids climb on the jungle gym, dogs play in the field, guys on skateboards ride through the empty wading pool, a soccer league has its first game, players littler the diamond for pick-up baseball, and there are walkers and joggers galore. Maybe it was the fresh air getting to my head, but I was on such a high and could not stop smiling as I walked through. Adrenaline was rushing through me and I hadn't even started my workout yet! The second I got home, I swapped my jeans for shorts and boots for sneakers and was out the door again.

My artistic interpretation of human photosynthesis!
Running through the park, I almost tripped over fallen branches because I couldn't stop looking around me, amazed by the energy and joy of the park-goers and in awe of the beauty of springtime. Have you ever noticed how awesome the trees look with all that green moss on their trunks and branches? What about the smell of mud? That's great stuff. I swear, I must have been tripping on photosynthesis happening in my own brain. The sun was shining, I was running, everyone around me was happy and life was good.

Exams might be looming over our heads, but it's hard to resist the beautiful weather! A little fresh air and human photosynthesis is enough to make the day feel a little brighter. You might think you can get your dose of Vitamin D by sitting in the Redpath fish bowl or running on a treadmill by the window at midday, but nothing beats a stroll through the park.

Enjoy the season!

- Martlet Girl

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